Property Checklist for Green Improvements.

Depending on the type of property, residential, investment or commercial there are many check list to apply but they all share the same basic breakdown with the following categories:

  • Solid Waste Reduction.
  • Recycling Standards.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Water Conservation.
  • Pollution Prevention.
  • Community Involvement & Education.

Here are five additional links to get you started on Greening your properties.

  1. Green Business Self-Assessment.
  2. The Hawaii Green Business Standards Checklist for Hotels & Resorts.
  3. Green Office Checklist.
  4. Multifamily Green Toolkit.
  5. Green Home Rating Checklist.

To read more on the payback details click on ROI of green home improvements.

Learn green real estate concepts, principles, practices and benefits from the ground up through the National Association of Realtors Green Designee program.


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