Cost Vs Value Report 2014

2014 Cost Vs Value Home Improvements are UP for Fairfield County, Ct.

Up for the second year in row is what the 2014 Cost Vs Value Report by Remodeling website is showing both nationwide and for the New England.

For the New England section the report is broken down into 10 areas with Bridgeport/Fairfield County being one of them. The report is broken into two parts; midrange projects and upscale projects. Out of the 35 home improvements surveyed 14 created over a 100% cost recouped return.

Bridgeport, Fairfield County’s regional city data returns on the Upscale Projects are significantly higher than the national averages with six out of thirteen projects recouping greater than 100% of cost.

  • Garage Door Replacement  126.1%
  • Vinyl Window Replacement  104%
  • Siding Replacement Vinyl  103.7%
  • Wood Window Replacement  102.6%
  • Siding Replacement Fiber-cement  102.5%
  • Grand Entrance  101.2%

For the Midrange Project the returns are just as impressive with 8 out of 22 of the projects achieving greater than 100% cost recouped.

  1. Deck Addition Wood  159%
  2. Minor Kitchen Remodel  121%
  3. Deck Additions Composite  120.8%
  4. Garage Door Replacement  110%
  5. Vinyl Window Replacement  107.5%
  6. Wood Window Replacement  104.6%
  7. Vinyl Siding Replacement  102.1%
  8. Attic Bedroom  101.9%

Click on link to read the Full report by Remodeling 2014 Cost Vs Value Report & Trends .

The US National Data Cost VS Value 2014 Report  is broken up into 9 regions:

  1. East North Central
  2. Pacific
  3. East South Central
  4. South Atlantic
  5. Middle Atlantic
  6. West North Central
  7. Mountain
  8. West South Central
  9. New England



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