2014 Home Market Trends

Top 10 Trends for the 2014 Home Market.

Being a full time real estate agent here in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut we have access to an overwhelming amount of information on real estate, the market, trends, laws and regulations that we tread through.

RealtorMag is one of those great resources and in this month’s issue is a great article that I wholly agree with on 10 Trends for the 2014 Home Market that I see here in the Northeast.

Here is a Snapshot view of the article which you can read in full (here).

  1. Wider floorboards made out of wood, reclaimed wood and wood like porcelain tiles up to five and six inches wide.
  2. Kitchen cabinets are going towards cleaner lines and mid-century modern look along with larger cabinets and big drawers with smarter and easier access and storage.
  3. Getting away from the off whites, beiges and Tuscan palettes and in with more colors. Popular hues are lighter and fresher such as sea greens, misty blues, grays and with a splash of deeper romantic hues like teal, red, purples and even some metallic colors.
  4. Indoor-outdoor space, everyone loves em. Patio’s, covered porch, fire pits, pool houses, decks and BBQ’s just to mention a few.
  5. Energy efficient, colored appliances and new materials in the kitchen is all the rage. New recycled counters and metal counters are replacing granite tops.
  6. Bathroom luxury to the extreme, bigger steam showers, iPad docking stations, aromatherapy and multi control showers heads. Infinity drains and curb less shower stalls along with automatic toilet seat washlets with self-cleaning options.
  7. The smart home getting smarter and more energy efficient from lighting, integrated appliances, automatic windows and shades, technology will be your best friend.
  8. Global products and materials to fill your home from ethnic fabrics to handcrafted artwork will fill your home.
  9. There is a return to making your home a personal statement with quality items from designs to artwork that individual homeowners are now spending on.
  10. Along with the large comfortable sofa accent chairs are a great way to add color, style to a room at an affordable price.


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